At The Intersection Of Technology And Talent

Brandon Becker is a technology focused search firm. Our firm specializes in discovering, vetting, and attracting top talent to our clients’ organizations across the Cyber Security, Cloud and AI/Machine Learning industries. With every placement, together with our clients, we mobilize people into significant drivers of business performance and enterprise value.

Rooted in technology

The fast-paced tech sector calls for a search firm that stays at the forefront of trends and the race for innovative growth. Since its inception, Brandon Becker has thrived in this world and completed over 2,000 searches.

Our team of highly specialized consultants bring industry expertise and breakthrough business insights to every engagement and gets what it takes to win in the competitive battle for top-notch talent.

Our track record confirms it: over ninety percent of existing clients retain us again, and again.

Powered by agility

Entrepreneurial by nature, yet decentralized by design, our culture and organizational structure give us the tools to get things done faster and better. Unlike firms bogged down in bureaucracy, we encourage creativity and empower our people with the decision-making authority to be nimble and think outside the box. To us, agility means creating velocity within our company to move at your speed while maintaining flexibility to mold solutions to your evolving priorities.

Centered around clients

When it was time to reinforce our operating model, we invited input from the great minds of our clients. This collaboration led to an exacting process of best-in-class industry practices that, today, achieves meaningful hiring results (in a hyperlink) From the get go, we dig in to understand your goals, develop a targeted sourcing strategy, and conduct original research. Our compensation is tied directly to client-satisfaction, ensuring consistent delivery and high-quality service. When you work with us, you will always know what to expect: engagement built around clients, and by clients!

“Our Client–First Mindset Defines Us. It Connects Our Team And Drives A Higher Level Of Quality And Service”
Bob Levitt, Founder + Managing Partner