Executive Positions

You’ve climbed the ladder. Where do you go from here? At Brandon Becker we have a long history of executive level placement. Our ability to recognize the strengths of top performers and match them to progressive roles is what makes us successful.

Our track record is replete with success stories where the pairing of companies and personnel has resulted in phenomenal corporate growth.

Why Choose Us?

The Three R’S: Research, Relationships, Results.

At Brandon Becker each of our search assignments are managed according to three critical elements:Research. Relationships. Results.These are Brandon Becker’s core competencies that collectively serve as a benchmark for excellence:

Advanced Industry Research

At Brandon Becker we specialize in knowing your industry.

Our search consultants follow the key players. We monitor the leaders in analogous industries. We continuously observe and record information about companies, industry trends and emerging markets. We nurture long-term relationships with our candidates. And we participate in industry boards and associations.

Additionally, many of our search consultants have work experience in the industry in which they recruit, possessing specialized domain knowledge and project skills in their areas of expertise. While this method of research requires dedication and persistence, it is what we do and how we establish value for our clients’ time and time again. It is the most important kind of research, since the best candidates rarely are looking for a job.

We consistently uncover candidates who might never surface without diligent investigation and accurate assessment.


One of our most distinguishing attributes is our enduring relationship with our clients and candidates.

Many of our clients rely on Brandon Becker to build their teams on an ongoing basis. They share our thinking about the value of people as a company’s most important asset, and they appreciate the time we spend getting to know the candidate universe and staying in touch with the top talent.

Peripherally, our clients turn to us for insight, guidance and advice whether for market trends effecting talent acquisition or insight into issues pertaining to compensation or retention. It is these intense partnerships that deliver the best results.


The commitment to delivering excellent results is reflected in Brandon Becker’s fast and focused approach to executive placement.

Our approach produces remarkably high rates of success in the delivery of retained as well as priority and exclusive contingent searches. The search process moves rapidly through a structured lifecycle, typically lasting 10 weeks instead of the customary 3 to 5 months. Our powerful search methodology aligns clients’ needs with results based on pre-defined metrics and deliverables. This translates to company-specific recruiting plans that incorporate filters for corporate culture, management structure, departmental strengths & weaknesses, individual assets & liabilities and enterprise goals and objectives.

The Key to our Success?

  • We listen to the needs of our clients and develop a plan of action
  • We launch a thorough and exhaustive industry specific search for the best qualified candidates.
  • We present the qualified candidates to our clients in a timely manner.
  • We facilitate the interview process.
  • We meet our commitments; we have satisfied clients who look to us over and over again to meet their needs.

Retained Search

The executive search consultants at Brandon Becker offers dedicated retainer-based searches to our executive search consultant’s clients.

A refined process whereby we dedicate 100% of our search consultant & project management staff to the rapid identification of a shortlist of two or three screened, vetted and interested candidates to your specialized requirements. We provide the maximum quality of candidates after contacting an average of 80 to 100+ companies, offer candidate exclusivity–meaning a candidate will not be presented to any other clients during this time, full replacement guarantees, personality profile and testing (If required), videoconferencing and virtual project management capabilities. An upfront engagement fee is required to commence the search, the remainder of the fee is billed at the conclusion of the engagement.

Exclusive Contingency Search

This is the simplest form of the recruiter/client relationship. It is most useful for common placements we are one goal of the client company is to avoid floods of resumes. As this type of searches based on mutual trust between recruiter and client, it is undertaken only where there is an established business relationship.

With the Retainer and Contingency Services we are equally concerned with building affective relationships with our clients. By devoting attention not only to the skills required for a position but also to the chemistry between a candidate and client, we have achieved an impressive track record of long-term placements within a wide variety of companies.

Our Process

To ensure your search is successful, we utilize a proven 18-step search process

  • Determine qualifications client seeks
  • Understand compensation package-Determine if competitive
  • Target companies and candidates
  • Agree on efficient and effective hiring process
  • Understand expectations and critical success factors of position
  • Strategize how to get the best candidates excited by opportunity
  • Create a mutually acceptable and beneficial agreement for the search
  • Identify companies with viable candidates & discuss with client
  • Cold call target companies and identify potential candidates performing similar job responsibilities-Predatory source from competitors, finding passive candidates that are not actively looking or even considering a job change.
  • Engage candidates and develop relationships to gain trust.
  • In-depth candidate interview-Understand candidate’s background, accomplishments, personality, motivation for change (MFC), and goals for their career.
  • Assess if background is qualified for the job, and more importantly if personality is a cultural fit with the client company and hiring manager.
  • If candidate is a good fit for the position, confirm their interest in exploring. Align the opportunity as a way to help them achieve their goals, as well as how it alleviates what they are unsatisfied.

6. Present qualified candidates to client, including strengths and weaknesses

7. Prepare candidate for each interview

8. Prepare client for interviews-share candidate hot buttons, MFC, etc.

9. Debrief candidate after each interview-discover likes, concerns, other opportunities they are considering, and where this ranks on their list

10. Debrief client after each interview & share candidate feedback

11. In-depth reference checks

12. Consult the Counter-offer issue throughout the entire hiring process

13. Make verbal offer and attain firm candidate acceptance

14. Confirm acceptance of written offer

15. Follow-up on candidate resignation, ensuring timely start date

16. If needed, offer free relocation assistance

17. Follow-up with Client and New Hire regarding on-boarding process

  • What went right with the search
  • What went wrong with the search
  • Perception of client in the market
  • Solutions to improve client’s ability to attract talent

We drive and continue to get acceptance throughout the process from the Candidate.